Human Resources

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Our human resources policy is based on an organizational structure which allows the corporation to constantly develop and learn by utilizing efficient manpower effectively in the right areas.

At YILKEM, our main objective is to employ individuals who are honest, reliable, and devoted to our corporate values.

We value the ability to adapt to change, to function successfully in a team setting and to be able to keep up with rapid industry changes.

We also find indespensable the ability to work effectively and creatively with high motivation. We constantly strive for self improvement and progress in our companies so we value this quality in our esteemed employees personally.

YILKEM is greatly aware of the precious tool that is human capital. We, as a corporation, have been continuously expanding efforts to improve our employees` capabilities, with providing them the opportunity to excel in what they are doing via education and training in their related areas.

If you share our passion for global excellence and success, and aim to join a thriving, dynamic company, then we would like to hear from you.