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36 carbon steel tanks with 65,000 m3 total volume             
All tanks have serpentine (heating) and radar systems            
PV valves            
6" tank loading, 4" tank discharging pipelines            

The Terminal - 1 tank farm can store:    
Base oil and derivatives    
Vegetable oil and Tallow     
Palm oil and derivatives    
Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)    
Non-flammable chemicals    


49 shore tanks with a total volume of 55,000 m3        
Vessel operations can be carried out at berths 4 and 5.        
Fire extinguishing, radar and sprinkling water cooling systems        
Closed vehicle filling station        
Scrubber system        
14 tanks with serpentine (heating) system        
PV valves        
Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) License        

The Terminal - 2 tank farm can store:        
Petroleum products subject to the EPDK        
More than 30 different chemicals