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Established in 2013, YILKEM became one of the most trusted suppliers of the industry in a short time. Today, YILKEM provides chemical product storage, trade and distribution services in Turkey and the regional market. YILKEM develops regional strategies in order to fulfill its vision of offering “high-quality and affordable” product continuity. The company collaborates with well-known international brands and procures products regularly from the European, American, Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

YILKEM benefits from the synergistic capabilities of YILDIRIM Group subsidiaries, efficiently utilizing the warehousing facilities in the Marmara Region terminals of YILPORT Holding, the world’s second fastest-growing international terminal operator; the national and international distribution network of Eti Logistics; and the transportation strength of YILMAR Holding, which has a fleet of chemical tankers, general cargo and dry bulk vessels.

YILKEM holds an advantageous position in the market through YILDIRIM Group’s synergistic support, and makes a difference among Turkish chemical product suppliers that control a significant market share. By making use of its assets and the strong image of the YILDIRIM Group brand, YILKEM is successful in attracting international producer and trader firms for collaboration in the Turkish and regional market.